5 Free Museums to See in London

5 Free Museums to See in London

The city of London has nearly 300 museums spread across the city with many of them offering free admission.  Some will charge for specific exhibits but you can tour most of the museum without having to pay.  That leaves you with the choice of which museums you want to check out.  Here are 5 free museums to see in London with some incredible exhibits.

The British Museum

The British Museum was founded back in 1753 and it was created to serve as an encyclopedia of nature and art from all over the world.  Although they still have a huge collection of artifacts from all over the world, you can even see an actual Egyptian mummy, they have moved many of their exhibits to other museums.  Books have been moved to the British Library and natural history exhibits have been moved to the Natural History Museum.  That brings us to the next place you need to see.

The Natural History Museum

This is a great place to bring the kids, they have a huge collection of dinosaur skeletons and plenty of other exhibits that your kids will find interesting.  They have more than 30 galleries that exhibit everything from history to modern ecology.  There will be plenty of school children from around the country that come here to visit annually.  It is also a working museum with more than 300 scientists all trying to solve a variety of global issues.

The Science Museum

This is also another incredibly popular museum to bring the family to see.  The museum was opened back in 1857 and still holds its own as one of the leading science museums in the world.  Today the museum houses nearly half a million artifacts ranging from the Apollo 10 space craft to microchips.  Be prepared to spend the day and take a tour, you will love it.

The Museum of Childhood

Recapture your childhood at one of the world’s largest museums dedicated solely to childhood toys and objects.  With exhibits going back to the 1600’s all the way up to today.  You can find collections that feature games, dolls, doll houses, furniture and puppets.  This is the perfect family outing while you are in London, families can interact with many of the exhibits and everyday offers prizes and giveaways.

The Imperial War Museum

The War Museum has exhibits that show the horrors of war from WWI up to the present day.  The museum wants to encourage understanding modern warfare and the conflicts the British Commonwealth has fought in.  It is regarded as one of the must-see museums in the city.